German: whole 1st level

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Level 1 covers 12 chapters of the first level of German:

German 1a: Guten Tag! – Good day!
In the first chapter, you will learn some basic phrases in German and you will get to know the German alphabet and pronunciation, as well as the basics of dividing nouns into feminine, masculine and neuter genders. At the end of the chapter, you will be able to distinguish between formal and informal dialogue. You will be able to introduce yourself (name, surname, occupation, nationality and languages you speak). You will know how to communicate your feelings and you will learn to ask for a phone number or email address. You will also be able to tell others about it too. You will also master some basic phrases for easier communication and some basic verbs. Finally, you will be able to listen to one German song and solve the exercises based on what you have heard.

German 1b: Wer bist du? – Who are you?
In the second chapter, you will learn to present yourself and others in more detail. You will learn German personal pronouns, tell nationalities, professions and languages in German, you will meet German, European and world celebrities and you will know how to introduce them too! We have prepared an exercise where you will try a dialogue with an employee at the administrative unit, and arranging paperwork will never be a problem again. At the end we will listen to music.

German 1c: Meine Familie – My Family
In the third chapter, the focus is on the family. You will learn the vocabulary of family members, words to describe people and their character and parts of the body. You will know how to make your own family tree. You will also learn the conjugation of verbs ending in -EN and also the difference between the verbs TO BE and HAVE. You will get to know a nice singer-songwriter from Berlin.

German 1d: Klamotten Einkaufen – Buying clothes
This time we will go to a clothing store. You will learn everything about clothes: type of clothes, accessories, size, brands, colors, materials, ... You will learn to tell what someone is wearing and the related 4th case. You will practice a dialogue in a clothing store and you will learn to conjugate verbs in -OVATI. Of course, there is no shortage of music in this chapter either. This chapter has two secret bonus contents!

German 1e: Ich bereite Geschmackvolle gerichte vor – Preparing delicious dishes
In this chapter we will enjoy culinary delights. You will learn vocabulary related to food: food and drink, packaging, utensils and verbs used to describe food preparation. We will practice a dialogue in a restaurant and you will learn to say what you like and what you don't like. We will continue to learn ways to use the 2nd and 4th case. We will learn to form the dual and plural of nouns and the verb MÜSSEN.

German 1f: Wann treffen wir uns? - When do we meet?
After this chapter, you'll never have a problem getting a date again. You will learn to tell the time and talk about time. You will master the days of the week, the months of the year and the seasons. You will be able to tell what the weather is like. You will learn to talk about the past and the future.

German 1g: Meine Stadt – My city
Having trouble understanding directions in the city? After completing the chapter, this won't be a problem at all! We will walk around the city and you will learn to describe all the buildings and where they are located, as well as the means of transportation. We will repeat the 1st case and the 4th case, we will also learn the 3rd case. We will practice a dialogue in the city, give directions and you will learn to conjugate and use the verb GEHEN. You will master place prepositions. We will also do a review explaining the differences between the 3rd and 4th cases.

German 1h: Mein Zuhause – My home
In Chapter 8, you will learn vocabulary related to the house: rooms in the house, objects in the house, number (one, two, three, ...) of feminine, masculine and neutral nouns. We will again practice place prepositions and various prepositions for the 3rd and 4th cases. You will also learn about household chores. We will listen to German music again.

German 1i: Es tut mir Weh – It hurts
In this chapter you will learn more about body parts and all the vocabulary related to the doctor: senses, health problems and what can help us with our problems. You will also learn the 3rd case and the imperative. At the end, of course, you will listen to some German music.

German 1j: Im Urlaub – On holidays
You will learn to talk about your vacation: where to go on vacation, vocabulary related to luggage, vacation accommodations, hotel,... You will see some vacation spots in Germany. You will practice the dialogue in the hotel and you will learn to use the conditional. You will practice talking about your vacations and experiences.

German 1k: Mit dem Zug oder mit dem Bus – By train or by bus?
In Chapter eleven, you will review transportation and learn vocabulary related to transportation and airport travel. You will learn the plural of the 3th case. You will practice dialogues at the bus, train station and at the airport. You will learn some verbs related to transportation.

German 1L: Wir feiern und besuchen sich – We celebrate and visit each other
In the last chapter of the fourth module, you will learn more about German culture. You will learn about German holidays and how Germans and Austrians behave during visits. You will learn to write different messages, talk on the phone and choose gifts for different occasions. We will learn about different questions according to different German cases. Of course, there will be no shortage of German music at the end of the chapter.

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