German: Module 1

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Module 1 covers the first three chapters of the first level of German:

German 1a: Guten Tag! – Good day!
In the first chapter, you will learn some basic phrases in German and you will get to know the German alphabet and pronunciation, as well as the basics of dividing nouns into feminine, masculine and neuter genders. At the end of the chapter, you will be able to distinguish between formal and informal dialogue. You will be able to introduce yourself (name, surname, occupation, nationality and languages you speak). You will know how to communicate your feelings and you will learn to ask for a phone number or email address. You will also be able to tell others about it too. You will also master some basic phrases for easier communication and some basic verbs. Finally, you will be able to listen to one German song and solve the exercises based on what you have heard.

German 1b: Wer bist du? – Who are you?
In the second chapter, you will learn to present yourself and others in more detail. You will learn German personal pronouns, tell nationalities, professions and languages in German, you will meet German, European and world celebrities and you will know how to introduce them too! We have prepared an exercise where you will try a dialogue with an employee at the administrative unit, and arranging paperwork will never be a problem again. At the end we will listen to music.

German 1c: Meine Familie – My Family
In the third chapter, the focus is on the family. You will learn the vocabulary of family members, words to describe people and their character and parts of the body. You will know how to make your own family tree. You will also learn the conjugation of verbs ending in -EN and also the difference between the verbs TO BE and HAVE. You will get to know a nice singer-songwriter from Berlin.

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