Slovene: Module 4

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Module 4 covers the last three chapters of the first level of Slovene:

Slovene 1j: Na počitnicah - On holidays
You will learn to talk about your vacation: where to go on vacation, vocabulary related to luggage, vacation accommodations, hotel,... You will see some vacation spots in Slovenia. We will practice the dialogue in the hotel and you will learn to use the conditional. We will practice talking about our vacations and experiences.

Slovene 1k: Z vlakom ali avtobusom? - By train or bus?
You will review transportation and learn vocabulary related to transportation and airport travel. You will learn the dual and plural of the 5th case. You will practice dialogues at the bus, train station and at the airport. You will learn the difference between some perfective and imperfective verbs.

Slovene 1L: Praznujemo in se obiskujemo - We celebrate and visit each other
In the last chapter of the last module, you will learn a lot about Slovenian culture. You will learn about Slovenian holidays and how Slovenians behave during visits. You will learn to write different messages, talk on the phone and choose gifts for different occasions. You will learn about different questions according to different Slovenian cases. Of course, there will be no shortage of Slovenian music at the end of the chapter.

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Modul 4


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