Spanish: Module 4

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Module 4 covers the last three chapters of the first level of Spanish:

Spanish 1j: En la oficina de turismo – At the tourist office
In this chapter you will visit museums, attractions and shops. In order not to be late or wait in front of closed shops during the siesta, you will ask what the opening hours are and what time it is. You will repeat the days of the week and learn the months of the year and parts of the day. You will also learn about the seasons and accent rules.

Spanish 1k: Un viaje en autobús – On a bus trip
You will buy a train or bus ticket and go to Medina de Rioseco or somewhere else. You will get to know the countries of Latin America and characteristics of Spain. You will learn vocabulary related to means of transport, the airport, numbers up to 10 000, verbs of movement and some irregular verbs.

Spanish 1L: En el hotel – At the hotel
When you arrive at your destination, you will check into a hostel, guesthouse or hotel. You will learn vocabulary related to luggage, accommodation, as well as the difference between the verbs SER, ESTAR and HABER. Then you will plan a day to see the sights and activities that you can do on the trip. You will repeat the use of the present tense (regular and irregular verbs) and the near future for independent creation of dialogues, spoken and written texts. To top it all off, you will listen to a charming song by a Spanish singer.

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